Heard It From A Friend creates conversation, community, and collaboration around technology needed to run the “Family Business.” Our goal is to help you get more leverage. We all want more time for what we truly enjoy in life: Our friends, our family and ourselves!

The “Family Business”

How Many C-Level Roles Do You Play?

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Congratulations, You’ve Been Promoted to Chief Technology Officer!

The introduction of mobile technology represents the biggest sociological change of our time and adds layers of complication to the parenting role.  It’s disquieting to think of our kids being more technologically agile and that we’re behind the learning curve instead of leading it. Now that we are signing iPad school use policies for our kindergarteners and have close to 10 devices in the house, we’ve unwittingly been promoted to Chief Technology Officer.
Heard It From A Friend understands both the joyful and demanding nature of your job as CEO of the “Family Business.” We know the enormity of what you carry — whether you’re headed to the boardroom or to the grocery store. There’s the need for it all to run smoothly, from complex carpool logistics to managing your children’s devices.

The 3 C’s

We are committed to creating Community, Conversation, and Collaboration, around using technology to run the “Family Business.” Our aim is to help you reclaim your time so you can climb that career ladder, start your own business, or pursue your life’s passion– whatever that might be.

The “HIFAF” (high five)

Our goal is to help you Boost Your Tech Savvy, and since showing is always better than telling, we’re serving up short video vignettes in the form of Tech Tips. We hope you always learn something new, and we love giving Our Friends a Heard It From A Friend “HIFAF”  (high-five).  Our seconds, become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become our life. Get Boosted!

Dear Friends,

I’ve started Heard It From A Friend to create more conversation and community around running the “Family Business” and to share how we can use technology to be more efficient. The goal is help women get more leverage, so we have more time for what we enjoy in life – our family, our friends and even ourselves!

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